Unnötige Schönheitsoperationen

Unfortunately, there are many people who undergo beauty surgeries just to achieve a certain body ideal. In case of malformations such interventions are justified. But there are also completely unnecessary cosmetic surgeries that do not really make sense. In the following, the most absurd operations are described, which are required in everyday life by medical specialists.

Party breasts for one night

Breast augmentation that only lasts for one night? Yes, it is actually required by some patients. The trend itself is from the USA. In such a case, the patient is injected with saline solution under the skin. In this way, the woman can see if her bigger breasts actually correspond. Since the saline solution is broken down within a few days, the effect disappears and leaves no consequences. The procedure is completely harmless. However, this intervention has become a hype. Because more and more women undergo this procedure only for the sake of a party, or a bigger night. Searching for intervention, which costs at least between 3000 and 3500 USD, can cause the tissue to weaken over time.

Botox parties and botox to go

In Germany, Botox parties a social event. As an example for such parties is the Tupperparty. There is a risk that Botox, which is after all a drug that blocks the transmission of nerve-muscle, is used irresponsibly. Botox without be informed in detail. The Botox injection itself is perfectly fine, but only in a professional and competent environment.

lifting threads

Fädenlifting is a procedure in which the specialist pulls barbs into the subcutaneous tissue. This allows you to model the facial proportions around the jaw and the cheeks. Also, the corner of the mouth and the nose-mouth wrinkles can be corrected by this method. The threads used are made of polylactic acid and dissolve again within a few weeks. For this reason, this method is also being reinvented in Germany. But in practice, this method does not actually work the way you expect it to. Within 6 to 12 weeks, the effect disappears completely, so this intervention is basically completely unnecessary.

Injection of soles

Es gibt tatsächlich die Möglichkeit, sich die Fußsohlen unterspritzen zu lassen. Der Grund hierfür ist folgender: Da der Fußballen mit jedem Zentimeter mehr Absatz 10 Prozent mehr Körpergewicht tragen muss, schafft es das natürliche Fettpolster im Fuß mit der Zeit nicht, dies auszugleichen. Die Folgen sind schmerzhafte Füße und Blasen. Der aus den USA stammende Trend bewirkt, dass man dank den mit Hyaluronsäure aufgespritzten Ballen ungehindert auf High Heels tanzen gehen kann. Der Effekt hält 6 bis 18 Monate lang.


Es ist vollkommen normal, dass ein Zeh manchmal größer ist als die anderen. In vielen Fällen wird dies von den Betroffenen als optisch störend empfunden. In manchen Fällen geht dies jedoch so weit, dass die Betroffenen sich chirurgischen Eingriffen unterziehen, um das „Problem“ zu beheben. In solchen Fällen entnimmt der Chrirug ein Stück Knochen. Der Zeh bekommt ein Implantat oder wird geschient mit einer Metallschiene.


Wadenimplantate helfen dabei, die Waden optisch so wirken zu lassen, wie man es gern hätte. In diesen Fällen werden Silikon-Implantate dazu verwendet, optisch definierte Waden zu erzielen.


If you are not satisfied with the shape of your own navel, you can have it sculpted by the plastic surgeon as he pleases. As meaningless as this intervention appears, it has become increasingly popular.


Laugh Dimples are really cute. For some people, however, so much that they are surgically produced.
The procedure costs about 1000 EUR and often involves complications. So the dimples very often do not really arise where you actually want them.